Recover Your Yahoo Mail Password

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Changing the password is differnet then resetting the password as the process are both differnet since resetting includes changing of the password when the user is not logged into the account. So, yahoo password recovery process comes handy when you have to access account and have forgotten the credentials.

Yahoo password changing process (user can still access account) includes simple steps namely:

  • Login to the account and visit the account settings page by opening Security and then click on Change password feature
  • Now, Enter the new password in the required black field and also confirm it by re-typing the same new password
  • After clicking Save/Finish, you'd be able to save the new password in Yahoo account

Alternate email address, Mobile phone number and Secret questions are the three simple options that enable the protocol of yahoo password recovery. Users can use the alternate Email address to access the verification link to reset the password and use the mobile phone number to access the sms with verification code to reset password. The security questions can be answered by user correctly for completion of the protocol.

Yahoo password support also suggest that users create strong passwords which is quite an easy task by following these tips

  • When choosing a new password, add in a mix of upper, lower case letters with numbers and symbols (if accepted) as variety makes it harder for the hacker to crack the password.
  • Always use a password that has more than eight characters since a password with lesser characters will be too small and easily guessable.
  • Never use obvious details like name, Yahoo Id, birthday or any other public detail about yourself as the hacker will possibly look into your profile and hacked data to look for clues on password. Keeping it non-personal will make stronger.
  • Don't user specific patterns or repeated letters or words and choose a blend.
  • Ensure that this password is differnet than other your passwords so if someone else has access to one your accounts, they can't use the same password to access our Yahoo.

How to keep the password and account log in details safe?

The trick to keeping the account free of hacking issues is a strong password that is kept fresh as the regular chances confuse the hackers and reduces chances of account being hacked. We suggest that you never save the passwords in a file on desktop or on phone as these devices can be easily hacked by a pro and accessing this information will further give the hacker access to the accounts. The most important detail is that you never share the password regardless of how great the bond between you and the other person is. Unless, it is necessary for business purpose, don't tell your friends or business acquaintances or family your password. Also, avoid using the old passwords and create unique, new words or passwords.

If you user an antivirus software, it will also improve the security. For security, anti-virus, performance and password related hurdles; you can further contact us to receive immediate servicing.